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A reliable partner of veterinarians

Dear colleagues,

We are delighted to introduce you to the range of Calibra veterinary diets for dogs and cats.

Our brand has been established on both the domestic and international market for more than ten years. The key to success of Calibra pet food consists of rigorous preparation and execution of all phases of production, beginning with the development of the recipe and the selection of ingredients. Laboratory and clinical testing and production are regulated by strict criteria developed according to ISO 9001:2008 and HCCAP. The newest trends that we follow in cooperation with specialists in veterinary nutrition of dogs and cats are implemented into innovated recipes of individual products. This is how we maintain the highest possible level of quality of our Premium and Super Premium ranges.

Our existing experience set the standard for the expectations of the new range rather high. Tolerance boundaries of the products are stricter than those set by EU regulation in order to achieve highest possible quality and functionality. In addition, the recipes and testing methods were discussed and coordinated with Europe’s leading clinical dietetics specialists. Hence, the new range of Calibra veterinary diets is a product of team of international specialists.

The product range of our clinical diets covers (in case a special dietetic regime is suggested) the most regular cat and dog health issues. We also offer canned wet diet food for cases when such food is recommended either for digestive reasons or other issues with eating pellets. The majority of the canned food range is conceptually based on the same philosophy as the dry food and therefore can be used simultaneously.

We paid special attention to designing the packaging of our new diet range. Graphic symbols on the front side of the packaging overtly convey the message that the ill animal should first and foremost visit the vet.

We believe that our veterinary diets will become a reliable partner in your everyday efforts of keeping your patients healthy and happy.

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